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Battery shipment for Australia is available now and it is custom duties free channel. Battery shipment for Europe please chooses "EU via Netherland" which is custom duties free channel; it would take about 8-13 days for this channel, please be noted. If you fail to place order on our website, please clean cookies of your browser to try. If your failed to register on our website, please open your browser cookies and try. We currently developed Bafang M33 spanner, and we will provide it for free if you order the bbs kits. For motor orders, EU customers can choose "EU via Netherland" to avoid custom duties. If your question email does not get replied in time, please resend emails to us because sometimes mails would be sent to junk mailbox automatically.

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BMS, PCM, Battery management system, Protection circuit module, resistive battery management system

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  1. pcm-12s-lifepo4-bms
    PCM for Lifepo4, continous discharge current being could be 20A, 30A, 50A, pulse/peak discharge current being 40A, 60A, 100A, suitable for 12S(36V) LiFePO4, phosphate battery and li-ion battery Learn More

    BMS-PCM-16S, Battery management system for 16S/48V LiFePO4/phosphate battery

    Regular Price: $43.00

    Special Price $38.99

    PCM-16S, Battery management system for 16S/48V LiFePO4/phosphate battery, continuous discharge current could be 10A, 20A, 30A and 50A, peak/pulse discharge current could be 20A, 40A, 60A and 100A. Learn More
  3. lithium-Battery-bms-pcm

    PCM-8S, 30-60A, 50-100A BMS for 24V LiFePO4/Phosphate

    Regular Price: $33.00

    Special Price $29.99

    PCM-8S, 30-60A, 50-100A BMS for 24V LiFePO4/Phosphate, charging and discharging with the same terminal; temperature protection Learn More
  4. PCM-24S-lifepo4-72v-bms

    PCM/BMS-24S for LiFePO4 72V battery, 30-60A, 50-100A

    Regular Price: $86.00

    Special Price $59.99

    BMS/PCM-24S for 72V LiFePO4, continuous discharge current could be 30A~50A, max discharge current could be 60~100A Learn More
  5. 36v-48v-lithium-ion-battery-pcm-with-5v-usb-out-put

    48V(13S) BMS for lithium ion ebike frame battery. This BMS has a +5V USB output for ipad or mobile phone charging; it is suitable for our own frame battery. Note, this BMS is only suitable for 48V/13S li-ion battery; it is not suitable for LiFePO4 battery.  The continuous discharge current is 20A, pulse/max discharging current is 40A; The max charging current is 5A.  

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  6. 36v-10s-li-ion-dolphin-frame-battery-bms-with-5v-usb-output
    36V li-ion BMS for ebike frame battery; this BMS has a 5V USB output and it is suitable for our Panasonic ebike frame battery. The continuous discharge current is 20A; Pulse discharge current is 40A; The max charging current is 5A. Learn More
  7. ebike-lithium-ion-bottle-dolphin-battery-bms

    PCM for ebike bottle batteries, round shape batteries, 24V or 36V lithium batteries.

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  8. programmable-lithium-ion-lifepo4-pcm-bms

    This is a smart BMS which can be used for either Li-ion batteries or LiFePO4 batteries. It can use for 9S to 15S batteries. Some customers seeks for 13S LiFePO4 BMS, 14S Li-ion PCM, this BMS is the one you are looking for.  You can program it on your computer and view all the parameters via your mobile(only for Android 4.3 or above system) when outside. The BMS has been upgraded with alloy plates for better heat radiation, but the connection of the PCM has no changed.

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