Bafang hub motor clutch/gear set for RM G010/RM G020/RM G070/H610/SWX02/fatbike RMG06 motor

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Bafang hub motor clutches for BPM, RM G070, H610, RM G010, SWXK, SWXH, SWXK5, SWXB, SWXP, SWXU, SWX01, SWX02, RM G020, H61, H620 fatbike rm g06 motor, etc. The clutch includes 3 nylon gears. There are two versions for BPM clutch, and we only have the new version clutch(one key slot), please be noted. 

The old version SWXK would be with 28T nylon gear(motor produced a few years ago); the new SWXK/SWXH is with 36T nylon gear; our SWXK/SWXH clutch is with 36T gears.

Difference for the three types clutch: BPM/CST/H610 clutch uses 42T nylon gear; SWXK/SWXH/RM G010 clutch uses small 36T nylon gear(we have this nylon gear available on our website); SWX02 clutch uses bigger 36T nylon gear(48mm in diameter, 14mm in thickness; we don't have this big 36T nylon gear available currently). The only difference for the two SWX02/RMG 06 fatbike motor clutches is the inner bearing of the nylon gear, theoretically, the two clutches are compatible with each other.

Some Bafang motors would share the same motor clutch, therefore if you don't know what Bafang model your motor is, you can measure the dimension of your original clutch, if it is the same dimension of ours, then you can order it for your motor.

All our motor clutches are sourced directly from Bafang.



Bafang hub motor clutches for SWXK, RM G010,  SWXK5, SWXH, SWXU, SWX02, RM G020, RM G070, H620, H610, SWX01 etc. Our clutches for SWXU motor are for new version SWXU motor, please be noted. The new version SWXU motor is with threaded cover which needs special tools to open the motor; the old version SWXU motor is screwed cover which is installed with screws.

The BPM motor clutch has two versions, the old version has 4 key slots and the new version has only one key slot, please check your own motor clutch before making the order. By the way, the new version clutch can be used for both BPM motor or Bafang CST motor(produced after 2014).

The clutch includes gears. 

We stop sell the old version BPM/CST/RM G070 motor clutch because according to a few customer's feedback, the old version clutch cannot fit their BPM/CST/H610/H620 hub motor.

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