ebike Kunteng KT LCD7U 24V 36V 48V control panel LCD meter with USB output

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Quick Overview

E-bike Kuntent KT LCD7U  meter with 5V1A charging USB port for mobile. The LCD7U display is compatible with 24V, 36V and 48V; you can read the battery capacity and votlage, riding speed and range, accumulated mileage etc. This LCD meter must work with KT serial controllers.

If you need the users' manual for the display, please check from here: KT LCD7U user's manual

If your controller is with waterproof connector, you can add a conversion cable for this LCD meter.



E-bike Kunteng KT-LCD7U LCD meter has a USB output for mobile charging; The LCD meter is compatible with 24V, 36V and 48V. 

1. You can read riding speed, single mileage and accumulated mileage, riding time, PAS level, battery capacity and voltage, motor power and temperature and capacity, braking etc;
2. Smart battery capacity displaying: it will record the power consumption, and you can calculate how long you can ride with the remaining battery capacity;
3. PAS level switching; the LCD meter will record the PAS level with your last riding and will start with this PAS level next time;
4. Parameter setting: motor parameter, speed and speed limit setting, battery capacity, PAS setting, controller low voltage and max current protection setting etc;
5. Data recording: You can view the history riding data or clean the records: single mileage, accumulated riding time and mileage, max speed for riding or average riding speed etc;
6. Walking 6km/h function: if you want to walk, then the 6KM/H PAS function may help you easity to walk with the ebike;
7. You can link the LCD meter to your mobile via the controller's bluetooth, hence to control the ebike or modify the paramter on your mobile;
8. Cruise function: to ride the bike with a stable speed;
9. The LCD can be backlighting at night; also it can control the headlight if your bike has headlight;
10. Three digits password setting is available;
11. If the ebike is malfunctioned, the LCD meter will remind you with error code; if the motor is high in temperature, the lcd meter will warn automatically;
12. The controller can work with 24V, 36V and 48V, switch automatically;
13. The LCD meter has a 5V1A USB charging port which you can charge your cell phone.

Please download from here, if you want the KT-LCD7 users' manual and kt-lcd7 specification

Additional Info

Additional Information

dimension 82X48X43MM
net weight 0.1KG
Manufacturer GBK

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