13S BMS for 48V ebike battery with switch(small size)

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Brand: GBK

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Quick Overview

13S 48V li-ion BMS for ebike lithium ion batteries. The continuous discharging current for the BMS is 20A. This BMS is with smallest dimension. It fits for our Hailong-2 casing, tigersharkcasing, junbo shark, new polly casing ebike batteries. If your battery case requires USB outlet, you can order the 5V USB PCB on our website.



PCM for 13S 48V lithium battery with the smallest dimension which you can make it for any batteries. The BMS has ON/OFF switch for battery, if you don't need this function, you can short circuit the ON/OFF switch. If you want to make a USB charging outlet for your battery, you can choose the 5V USB PCB when ordering. By the way, the USB PCB does not include USB outlet, please make sure your battery case has USB outlet before making the order on www.greenbikekit.com.

The specificaiton is as follow:

Function Testing item Sign Criteria Mini Value standard value Max value Unit
Over charge protection Over-charge protection voltage Vc1 At charge off 4.20  4.25  4.30  V
Over-charge protection delay time Tc1 - 0.50  1.00  1.50  S
Over-charge protection releasing voltage Vc2 - 4.10  4.15  4.20  V
Charging current Charging Ioc - 1.00  3.00  5.00  A
Over discharge protection Over-discharge protection voltage Vd1 At discharge off 2.60  2.70  2.80  V
Over-discharge protection delay time Td1 - 500  1000  1500  mS
Over-discharge protection releasing voltage Vd2 - 2.90  3.00  3.10  V
Over current Over-current value Ioc1 Pack Voltage=48V 50  60  70  A
Over-current delay time Toc1 Pack Voltage=48V 10  20  80  mS
Over current release Over current release term Disconnect load for 2 seconds and charge the battery
Discharge current Maximum Continuous Discharge Current Ioc 20  A
Discharging temp. protection Discharging protection temp. Pack Voltage=48V 70  75  80 
Discharging high temp. protection releasing temp. Pack Voltage=48V 45  55  65 
Short circuit protection Short circuit protection current Tshort Pack Voltage=48V 200  A
Short circuit protection delay time Tshort Pack Voltage=48V 200  400  600  uS
Short circuit protection recovery Disconnect load for 3 seconds and charge the battery
Impedance dicharging current circuit impedance Ron1 Pack Voltage=48V 30 
Self-consumption current Icc1 Pack Voltage=48V 30  150  uA
Additional Info

Additional Information

dimension L*W*H: 80*35*10mm
net weight 0.1kg
Manufacturer GBK

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