2000W battery charger for forklift battery/golf car battery 24V 36V 48V 60V 72V with LED screen

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2000W alluminum alloy shell battery charger for golf car, electric car, forklift battery, electric floor scrubber battery, electric lawn mower battry etc. If you are looking for faster charger, this one would be suitable for you; if you are searching for customized charger, we can supply.

Input for the battery charger: Input: 100VAC~ 240VAC 50HZ/60HZ

      CC CV    Transition / Cutoff Current
Battery Lead Acid Li-ION LiFePO4 A Lead Acid (A) Li(A)
12V 14.7V 16.8V 14.6V 100A 20 5
24V 29.4V 29.4V 29.2V  60A 12 3
36V 44.1V 42.0V 43.8V 40A 8 2
48V 58.8V 54.8V 58.4V 30A 6 1.5
60V 73.5V 67.2V 73.0V 25A 5 1.25
72V 88.2V 84.0V 87.6V 22A 4.4 1.1

Cut-off current for Lithium battery is 5% of CV as default, and it can be set between 3-10% for customers' request.

Black housing for the battery charger is also available.



2000W charger for LiFePO4, li-ion or Lead acid battery:

1. AC  input: 110V or 220~240V, 50~60Hz;

2. Charging voltage from 12V to 126V; customized charging voltage and current are welcomed. 

3. Charging current: 10A~100A (fast charging);

4. Charging mode: CC-->CV-->trickle charge(trickle charge mode means when the battery is fully charged, the charger will charge the battery at a very small current to make up for the self-consumption of the battery, the small  charging current is about 5% of the charger's original charging current as default);

5. The charger has overcharge protection, overcurrent protection, shortcircuit protection and reverse connect protection functions;

6. The handle of the charger makes it easity to carry;

7. LED lights indicate charging status.

8. The production and testing will take about 5-7 days, therefore the lead time is about a week.

Additional Info

Additional Information

dimension 330x170x90mm
net weight 6.5kg
Manufacturer No

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