36V BBS 250W/350W/500W kit with Jumbo shark new polly battery

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Brand: Bafang

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Bafang bbs01B kit 36V 250W, 350W or BBS02B 36V 500W kit and 36V Jumbo shark new polly downtube battery, if you are looking for large capacity(ah) for the downtube battery, this one can be 24.5AH or 25AH maximum. This battery has ON/OFF switch; You can choose C961DPC18 or C965 LCD display for the bbs kit. Battery fixing plate is also included.   The larger capacity the battery has, the longer you can ride each charge.

Bafang has upgraded bbs kits to be BBS01B and BBS02B, our bbs motor is with latest controller. Installation spanner will be included for free.

The charging voltage for the battery is 42V; the charing connector is 2.1DC or 2.5DC connector. You can also choose the Reention mini 3 pin XLR connector for charging.

The discharging connector for the battery is blades 5pin connector.

Battery dimension: 368x96x90mm, 368x113x90mm or 368x140x90mm



Packing list for the kit:

1. Bafang BBS motor 36V 250W, 350W or 500W with latest controller

2. C961/C965 display or DP C18 color LCD display

3. Brake lever or brake sensor

4. EB-Bus waterproof cable

5. Fixing plates

6. Chain wheel and chain cover

7. Crank

8. Speed detecting sensor and magnets(latest version)

9. Related nuts

10. Thumb throttle or half twist throttle

11. 36V11.6Ah, 36V13.4AH, 36V14.5AH, 36V17.5AH, 36V17.4AH, 36V21AH, 36V23.45AH Jumbo shark new polly downtube battery, this battery is newly desinged for bicycle frame bottle cage position, if you are looking for large capacity/Ah for the downtube battery, this one is suitable for you.

12. Power cable with matching plug soldered

13. Installation tools for BBS kits, including M33 locknut wrench and Allen Key set.

14. Wuxing headlight QD-139-2 and switch DK-11  or Wuxing 6V LED front light(controlled by Bafang BBS display"+" button) for your option

15. If your bike has derailleurs system, you can choose our BBS gear sensor for the bike.


1. Assembling and testing the battery would take a few days, therefore the leadtime for this item is about 7 days, please be noted.

2. We have 44T, 46T, 48T and 52T chainwheel for bafang bbs mid crank kit, you can choose it on our website.

3. If you want to keep your existing brake system, you can choose brake sensor; if your brake system is hydraulic brake, you can choose hydraulic brake sensor.

Additional Info

Additional Information

dimension 368x90x96mm, 368x90x113mm, 368x90x140mm for 18650 battery; 368x95x103mm, 368x95x125mm for 21700 battery
net weight 10kg
Manufacturer Bafang

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