36V10AH-25AH battery for ebike(Hailong 02/Hailong max)with 5V USB output

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36V battery with hailong 02/hailong 02 max casing for ebike.  It could be a powerbank because it has a 5V USB output for mobile or ipad charging. It is high power and can run long distance per charge because it hashigh power.  If you are running a Bafang BBS kit and want a high power battery, this one would be suitable for you.

10AH, 11.6AH, 13.4AH, 14.5AH, 15AH, 16AH, 16.75AH, 17.5AH and 21AH, 24.5AH, or 25Ah are available;

Cells for building packs: NCR18650PF(2900mAh), INR18650-32E(3200mAh), INR18650-35E(3500mAh), NCR18650BD, INR21700 M50T,INR21700 50E etc.

The mounting is included with the battery. If you need an extra Hailong battery mounting base, you can order it on our website.

There are 3 types discharging connectors for the Haiong battery, you can choose the one you need. If you don't know what connectors they are, you can check from here: Hailong discharging connectors



36V 10AH~25AH li-ion high power Frame battery Hailong 02 for electric bicycle with 5V USB output for mobile phone or ipad charging

1. Rated capacity: 10AH / 11.6AH/ 13.4AH/ 14.5AH/ 15Ah/ 16AH/ 16.75AH/ 17.4AH/ 20.1AH/ 25AH; the more capacity the battery has, the longer distance you can ride with each charge

2. Voltage: 36V

3. Charging Voltage: 42V

4. Discharge cutoff voltage: 27.5V

5. Cell:  NCR18650PF(2900mAh), NCR18650BD(3200mAh), NCR18650GA(3450mAh), INR18650-32E(3200mAh), INR18650-35E(3500mAh), LG INR21700 M50T, or Samsung INR21700-50E.

6. Standard charging: 0.2C constant current(CC) charge to 42V, then constant voltage (CC) 42V  charge till charge current decline to ≤0.05C

7. Continuous discharge current: 20A, 25A, 30A

8. Pulse/Max discharge current: 60A

9. Max charging current : 5A(for 20A BMS), 10A(for 25A/30A BMS)

10. Charging temperature: 0~45℃

11. Dischargeing temperature: -20~55℃

12. Diamesion: 111x90x368mm for Hailong 02 case; 367.4x90.3x127.3mm for Hailong 02 Max case; Both case have the 5V USB output and ON/OFF switch

13. It has a 5V USB output for charging cell phone or ipad

14. The model for this battery case: Hailong-02. We have several frame batteries, Hailong-01 case, DA-5C case, SSE-01 Bottle case, DS-6 case and  Hailong-2(HL-2) case, please check carefully before ordering.

15. A 180W 42V2.5A/4A/5A alloy charger for option.


The assembling and testing for the battery would take a few days, therefore the lead time is about one week,  please be noted.

Additional Info

Additional Information

dimension 111x90x368mm for Hailong 02 case; 367.4x90.3x127.3mm for Hailong 02 Max case
net weight 4.1kg
Manufacturer GBK

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