Bafang BBSHD with 48V/52V Hailong 02/ G80 downtube battery

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Brand: Bafang

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Quick Overview

Bafang BBSHD kit with 48V/52V hailong downtube battery with 30A BMS for high power electric fatbike or MTB conversion. If you need high power e-bike, this kit would be the best for you with good motor and good battery. The battery has an ON/OFF switch and A 5V USB output for portable device charging.

1. You can choose standard 48V hailong downtube battery for the kit; if you want the ebike to be more powerful, you can choose the 52V Jumbo shark battery for the BBSHD kit;

2. For charging of the battery: the charging port is 3pin Kanong(XLR) connector with pin1 +, pin 2-, pin 3 empty; if you prefer fast charging, please consider larger charging current for the charger;

3. The discharging port for the battery is 5pin golden round contacts connector;

4. The BBSHD kit is with the latest controller, we will set and solder the parts needed before shipment. You can use the kit and battery directly when you receive them;

5. The mounting foot for the battery is included, if you need an extra mounting foot for the battery, please click here: Hailong02 mounting foot



Bafang BBSHD kit 48V/52V 1000W is with high power; 

You may need to check the bottom bracket for your bike first because BBSHD kit has different bottom bracket size to meet customer's demand. 


1. BBSHD kit 48V/52V 1000W including LCD display, EB-BUS, Chainwheel, crank arms, brake, throttle, speed sensor and accessories;

2. Battery: 48V Hailong02 downtube battery or 52V Hailong G80 battery, made by Samsung INR18650-35E, NCR18650GA(3450mAh) cells or NCR18650PF(2900mAh) cells. You can check battery details with the link.

3. Alloy chargers for option;

If your bike has derailleur system, you can choose our shift sensor for the kit.

The lead time for the kit and battery is about 7-10 days.

Additional Info

Additional Information

dimension 360x90x110mm for Hailong 02 case; 368x91x128mm for Hailong G80 case;
net weight 14.5kg for battery
Manufacturer Bafang

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