52V15AH-17.5AH Hailong 02 Max(G80) casing battery with 30A/40A BMS for BBSHD motor

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Brand: GBK

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51.8V12.8V/13.8AH/15AH/16AH/17.5Ah Hailong 02 Max downtube battery  for high power ebike usage(30A-40A). If your e- bike is 48V750W or 48V1000W, then this battery will enable your bike runs faster and powerful. If your kit is with BBSHD, we recommend you to use a 52V battery in stead of 48V. The charger for this battery is 58.8V. This battery has an ON/OFF switch and a 5V USB output.



52V li-ion  Frame battery(Premium cells with HL-02 Max casing) for electric bicycle with 5V USB output for mobile phone or ipad charging; If your motor is 750W or 1000W, this battery would be the best for you.

1. Rated capacity: 14AH ~17.5AH 

2. Voltage: 51.8V(14S)

3. Charging Voltage: 58.8V

4. Discharge cutoff voltage: 38.5V

5. Cell:  Panasonic NCR18650BD, Sanyo NCR18650GA, LG INR21700 M50T, LG INR18650 MJ1,  Samsung INR21700 50E, Samsung INR21700 50G, Samsung INR18650-35E etc

6. Standard charging: 0.2C constant current(CC) charge to 58.8V, then constant voltage (CC) 58.8V  charge till charge current decline to ≤0.05C

7. Continuous discharge current: 30A

8. Pulse/Max discharge current 60A

9. Max charging current : 5A

10. Charging temperature: 0~45℃

11. Dischargeing temperature: -20~55℃

12. Diamesion: 360x90x110mm for Hailong 02; 368x91x128mm for Hailong 02 Max

13. It has a 5V USB output for charging cell phone or ipad

14. This case has an ON/OFF switch;

15. The model for this battery case: HL-2. We have several frame batteries, HL-1 case, DA-1 case, SSE-01 Bottle case, DS-6 case and  HL-2 case, please check carefully before ordering.

16. A 180W 58.8V3A alloy charger is included

If you want your motor runs more powerful and faster, this battery would be better suitable for you, especially your kit is BBS02B 48V750W or 48V1000W BBSHD; the kit would be more powerful with the voltage is slightly higher than 48V.


The assembling and testing for the battery would take a few days, therefore the lead time is about 7-10 days,  please be noted.

Additional Info

Additional Information

dimension 360x90x110mm for Hailong 02; 368x91x128mm for Hailong 02 Max
net weight 4.5kg
Manufacturer GBK

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